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Virtual DJ 5.0 rev7 FOSI

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Virtual DJ 5.0 rev7 FOSI


New features:
- added +-100% pitchrange in options, action "pitch_range", item "%pitchrange" in skin textzones
- new ASIO engine (default engine is when "ASIO UltraLatency" is checked, new engine is unchecked and is safer)
- new button to log searches, so you can download after the party the requests you couldn't find
- new auto-gain options (auto+remember, remember, auto, disabled)
- can drag a video file on the video preview window to link with audio-only files
- option in video config to disable link on drop
- actions "Video_Link", "Video_Unlink", browser column "LinkedVideo", search option "LinkedVideo", filter items "LinkedVideo", "HasLinkedVideo".
- can now unlink video by drag&droping the original file (in addition to context menu option still present)
- added "%linkedvideo" in skin textzones
- skin slider "round" are automatically rotated if doesn't have . in this case, optional param "minangle", "maxangle" can specify the rotation angles at 0 and 4096 in degree.
- new skin object , new actions "multibutton", "multibutton_select"
- clipbank plugin can be cloned (clipbank2.dll, etc)
- new karaoke plugin
- compatible with new Hercules DJConsoles (mobile, Rmx)

- fixed itunes songs with "&" character
- fixed accents in itunes folders
- fixed pitch/bpm for HC4500
- fixed some minor bugs




cлухай а ты не можеш ешё и кряком поделица???:flag:



http://rapidshare.com/files/127562425/v … l.rar.html вот вам номаный виртуал с серийником таже самая версия =)!!!!


Вы здесь » =Junglist's Movement= » Программы » Virtual DJ 5.0 rev7 FOSI